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Brilliant Moving

At Brilliant Move you won’t find any unpleasant surprises. What you will find is friendly, sensitive, smart service.

Brilliant Interiors

Our Brilliant Interior designers will take care of your space when you move and will assist you professionally and brilliantly!

Clear Pricing

We offer to our customers clear, understandable pricing with no hidden fees

Moving Overseas?

International Shipping can be a brilliant Move!

Bril•liant adj. 1. Glorious; splendid; magnificent. 2. Superb; excellent; wonderful. 3. Showing exceptional skill or ability.
4. Distinguished by excellence. 5. A precious gem, finely cut.

It’s your Move, MAKE IT BRILLIANT!

Nothing can actually make the moving process as enjoyable as a day at the beach. But having a game plan — and working out the details with a team of experienced and sensitive professionals — can help reduce your anxiety and worry.

At Brilliant Move there are no surprises. We provide friendly, smart service with a team of pros who have ‘been there, done that’ thousands of times.

Our approach is straightforward. Our watchwords are communication, reliability and integrity. And since ongoing communication is the backbone of the moving business, we make sure that you feel comfortable throughout your move – from our first planning conversation until your last box is delivered to the new location, promptly and safely. We want your move to be Brilliant.

We Deliver the Whole Package!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

You will be 100% satisfied with our service. Otherwise, we’ll do everything we can to make things right.

We must be doing something right… 90 % of our business is from repeat customers or referrals from satisfied customers.

Brilliant Move
Brilliant Moving
Moving Beyond The Box Read About Our Services or Begin Your Move Now!

At Brilliant Move we are committed to making your transition as smooth as possible by offering you peace of mind as well as punctual, professional and respectful service. No matter the size or distance of your move, we handle your belongings with as much care and respect as we would our own. We work on weekends without increasing our rates in order to fit into your schedule.

Our no hidden fees approach provides you genuine peace of mind with your upcoming move. We know that moving is a stressful event that disrupts your normal routine and generates feelings of uncertainty.

Brilliant Storing
Brilliant Storing
Moving Beyond The Box Read About Our Services or Begin Your Move Now!

There are a few self-storage companies throughout the country that offer storage unit packing as an additional service; however, this is typically offered at an additional charge leaving most to pack their belongings themselves. Storage unit packing is an art form, as you will need to put some thought into it before you begin. After all, one of the primary advantages of using a self-storage facility is the fact that you can continue to access your items on an as-needed basis.

Thinking through how to pack a self-storage unit is important as you will want to do it in such a way that your items can be located at a later date quickly and without having to unload everything.

Brilliant Packing
Brilliant Packing
Moving Beyond The Box Read About Our Services or Begin Your Move Now!

Basic Packing Tips:

  • Limit boxes to a maximum weight of 50 pounds.
  • Smaller boxes generally can handle more weight.
  • Wrap items carefully and provide plenty of cushioning.
  • Use ONLY sturdy boxes that can be securely shut.

Packing doesn’t have to be a hassle. Gathering the right packing supplies and following a few simple tips can protect your assets throughout your move.

When people talk about ‘moving,’ most of the emphasis is on ‘the move.’ Many folks neglect to look a bit further down the road – to the move ‘in.’ Brilliant Interiors will take care of that for you.

Using the furnishings that you already possess along with your personal style and your new house’s style, Brilliant Interiors will develop an interior design to make sure your new house becomes your home on the very first day.

We are pleased and proud to offer you the services of our in-house Interior Designer Lysa Wilkins. Lysa studied at The Art Academy of Cincinnati and worked as a Designer/Decorator and in Fashion and Advertising before returning to her first love, Interior Design.

Our team has worked with residential and commercial clients of all sizes and types. Whether your family is moving into a new home, or your company is moving into a new office building, let us assist in decisions about furniture placement, décor – and more!

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